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Tears that dry

on a rude awakened child

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9 October 1986
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Hello... I'm just a strange girl trying to get by here. I guess my main loves are music and psychology, just trying to understand myself and others a little better. I'm also a bit of a spiritual seeker, and a loner and nature lover. I love going to beautiful places. My dream is to be a musician, and I guess I am.

I have the sun in Libra, moon in Capricorn, and Aquarius rising for those who might be interested. I'm an INFP and a 9w1-4w5-6w7 sx/sp for those who are interested in the MBTI and the Enneagram.

I created this journal a pretty long time ago now and I have been through a lot since then. A lot of my entries have tended to be long winded and emotional, as a warning, though I have gotten to a pretty peaceful place in my life. But I have had social anxiety for years and I still have trouble with withdrawal and hiatuses, so, yeah. I want to get better with it, though.

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